Jun. 14th, 2012

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  • Re-designing relationships: building our own relationship models from scratch
  • How fandom actually prepares us for the "real world"
  • Aromantic characters in the media and fiction, and even romantics need them
  • Why platonic relationships are equally as important and intimate as romantic ones
  • Lost in translation: the nuances of particular labels found within communities and how they are lost when communicating them with the outside world
  • Masculinity and Femininity on 'Glee' 
  • Blaine Anderson: the most binary-defying character on 'Glee'?
  • Why I hate the phrase "what it means to be a man" (x)
  • The balance between being true to yourself and making 'passing' easier
  • Reading It Queer (i): Accessibility of normative texts for those with non-normative GRSIs
  • Reading It Queer (ii): Conflicting readings: erasion of homosexuality or presentation of aromanticism/asexuality? 
  • Reading It Queer (iii): Slash shipping and why it's both good and bad
  • Reading It Queer (iv): The future of LGBT+ representation in the media and literature
  • Reading It Queer (v): The importance of 'reading it queer'
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There are few things that can be filed under my List Of Things That I Have To Throw Into My Giant Cesspit Of Anger To Prevent Myself From Frothing At the Mouth In Frustration And Fury, but one of these things is the idea that there is meaning in the phrase “what it means to be a man”. It’s a phrase that I hear tossed around a lot—in books, on tv, in movies, from my dad, from other people—yet nobody ever has a real concrete idea of what it actually means. That, alone, would be enough to go on my List of Irritating Things That People Need To Think About More And Actually Use Their Noggins For Once, but when added to the fact that there is no such twin phrase as “what it means to be a woman”, it really starts to piss me off even further, because it suggests that being a man is this mystical, cult-like thing that only those born into it can Truly Understand™.  

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